"You Don't Own Me"
Lesley Gore
You Don't Own Me- Single
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“i had the best first date of my life last night”

“how’s your stomach?”

“oh, it’s a mess”

“wow, then it must have really been amazing”

31 Jul 14 at 12 pm


»being there« by ron terada


»being there« by ron terada
31 Jul 14 at 12 pm


Issey Miyake, s/s 1985

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Issey Miyake, s/s 1985
30 Jul 14 at 1 pm


ART: The Human-Sized Kaleidoscope

Japanese artists and designers Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki have created an award winning, modular installation made from mirrors that formed a giant kaleidoscopic for the Kobe Biennial art container contest.

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29 Jul 14 at 11 pm

Virginia Woolf, The Waves (via futurepharaohs)

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"I am made and remade continually. Different people draw different words from me."

29 Jul 14 at 9 pm


more like this here x

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more like this here x
"Give Up"
Fka Twigs
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“Vices of a Secretary" by Eugenia Loli.
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28 Jul 14 at 11 am

Valerie Hegarty

Famous paintings come to life in 3D sculptures of nature’s destructive tendencies.

these are wicked

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there are notes i write to myself

there are notes i write to you

there are left over tissues from colds suffered long ago

there are dried up pens lodged where the sheets meet the bedpost

there are hairs of a variety of colours sewn into my pillow cases

there are stains of deep red from the tumbling of wine glasses

there are cracker crumbs and chocolate smudges

there are lost earrings and misplaced socks

there are the smells of forgotten perfumes impregnated in the sheets

there are the dried tears of my sister, my mother, my friends, my lovers and myself

in my bed, i leave traces

in my bed, everyone leaves traces

27 Jul 14 at 11 pm

Before Sunrise (1995)

"I’m a delusion angel / I’m a fantasy parade / I want you to know what I think / Don’t want you to guess anymore / You have no idea where I came from / We have no idea where we’re going / Lodged in life / Like branches in a river/ Flowing downstream / Caught in the current / I carry you / You’ll carry me / That’s how it could be / Don’t you know me? / Don’t you know me by now?"